John and Linda from Kailua Kona, Hawaii wrote at July 31, 2014:
We will be back to see you Labor Day week. We still play your "Black and white" video every morning on our days off. Our neighbors now love your music too. Love you Jeff
admin wrote at February 23, 2014:
My wife and I saw your show last week (2/13) at the Postcard, and really enjoyed it! We were the couple from Texas, right in front of you. The CD is great! Also, found Kacey's website, and got her CD as well. Thanks Jeff, for a great show, and great music! If you are ever playing out Texas way, let us know.
Susan Carey wrote at February 12, 2014:
Hey Jeff, so, you totally made my 13-year-old's first trip to Key West by including him in your performance at Irish Kevin's on Monday! He loved being the "star" of part of your show. It was hard to entertain a kid in the Keys, but of everything we did that day, his favorite part of the entire trip was...Jeff Harris! Thanks for making our day special! Signed, the bad parent who brought her young son to a Key West bar ;)
Steve wrote at December 17, 2013:
Jeff, Appreciate the great tribute you gave to JMH. Nice website and better music. God Bless, Steve
Wendee wrote at December 9, 2013:
You did such a nice job with yesterday's tribute to JMH. The opening song you selected was beautiful and the way you helped guide the program was commendable given the depth of emotion of the event. I laughed, I cried but mostly I pondered the huge sense of loss for a man I never met but with whom I spent many, many hours of my life. He was truly one of a kind and will be missed tremendously.
Justin from India wrote at December 4, 2013:
I like Jeffharrismusic
Rude Loopz wrote at December 4, 2013:
Rude Loopz is from the Germany. All the albums are Excellent. It's just amazing. Acoustic versions, Afterglow, Simon can't sing, The Party starts here and Cafe bizzaro.. all are very nice!
samz from cn wrote at December 4, 2013:
SANKAR SAN wrote at December 4, 2013:
Website is looking Good..
Jack wrote at December 4, 2013:
Unbelievable songs from Jeff..! Congrats..!
Mark Joe from Dallas wrote at December 4, 2013:
Hi jeff, All the songs are very nice to hear.. All the Best.
Hanna from chennai wrote at December 4, 2013:
I like this site.
Manjari from chennai wrote at December 4, 2013:
Its good to see such a beautiful site for music lovers
SASI from Chennai wrote at December 4, 2013:
I love Jeffharrismusic..!
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