• Singer / Songwriter / Entertainer

    A good song is just a good story put to music, and Jeff Harris has a lot of good stories to tell.  Born and raised in Hollidaysburg, PA, you wouldn’t guess that Jeff would grow to love country music as he did, but that’s exactly what happened.  So much like a lot of other country artists, in Jeff’s early career he played his music and sang his songs for whoever would listen.  Mostly in the Pittsburgh and tri-state area of Pennsylvania, until he landed a job as a featured entertainer in Myrtle Beach, SC, as it turns out that was just one step away from landing him smack-dab in the heart of the Music City, Nashville, TN. 

    When he came to Nashville, Jeff’s “day job” was as a radio DJ, but he continued to pursue his real passion which was singing and playing to the people, and honing his song writing skills, which ultimately got him a deal with Makin Music Publishing.   Though Jeff loved Nashville and still considers it his home, the road was calling. 

    So Jeff began touring and has traveled the world playing music all across the United States and Europe, including thousands of shows in England, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Germany, Switzerland, Turkey, Italy, and Holland.  In 2012 Jeff extended his 3 month European tour to perform with Armed Forces Entertainment, where he had the honor of providing great country music and entertainment for our troops overseas.   When Jeff is not on the road, you’ll usually find him playing at Irish Kevin’s Bar on Duval Street in Key West, FL.  Where the show changes nightly based on the audience and Jeff knows how to give them exactly what they want!  Jeff says, “No two crowds are ever alike and each night I give them a show they’ll never forget”. 

    His show has often been described as “Energetic and Entertaining”, “he’s a 21st Century Outlaw Singer” not to mention his personal interaction with the audience that is unforgettable.   Jeff is a hot commodity, a powerful entertainer that can hold the stage on his own, and give you a show that will leave you wanting more! 

    For Booking Info, contact:   jeffharrismusic@Gmail.com